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Tips to plan the perfect baby shower

A new baby is the perfect reason to host a get together for family and friends to celebrate the exciting arrival of bub. After all it might be the last opportunity the expectant mum gets to relax for quite some time once bub does arrive. Here’s a checklist to help you along the way

10 weeks before

Decide who will host – hosting your own shower when heavily pregnant can be exhausting and stressful. Ask a close friend or family member to host for you, so that you can relax and enjoy the day. Another option could be to hold your shower at a restaurant or high tea venue. If you do decide to go with a restaurant/venue remember to book early.

Select a date and time – remember babies can be unpredictable, hold the baby shower 1-2 months before bubs due date just in case he or she decides to arrive a little early.

Set your budget – if you are hosting the baby shower for someone else, decide if they will contribute to the cost or other friends may help out also.

Create a guest list – there are a few things to take into account when creating the guest list such as will you invite partners or work colleagues. This is something you can work out with the expectant mum.

Theme – start thinking about a theme, if you are going to have a theme. Pinterest and Instagram are great for inspiration!

6 weeks before

Shopping – by now you will have decided on a theme, now is the time to start shopping for decorations. And goodies for your gift bags if you are planning them. If you need to hire items like chairs, tables etc it would be a good idea to do this now too.

Invitations – remember to include an rsvp date that gives you plenty of time to cater and shop. If you want to go above and beyond as hostess a nice idea is to prepare the thank you cards for the honouree with completed addresses.

Gifts – if you are hosting the shower for someone else, it’s a great idea to discuss with the honouree a list of things she needs or still wants, you will always be asked for gift ideas and its great to be prepared. Our nappy cakes & baby gift boxes make excellent options - fun, look amazing & also super practical. All of our gifts can be customised to suit any budget or theme.

Menu – a lot of baby showers seem to be held in the afternoon, so finger food would be appropriate. Ask friends and family for help. If you opt for an evening event you will need to consider if you serve dinner.

Cake – if you are planning to order a cake (desert cake that is) for your shower start narrowing down designs and select your cake designer. This is not something you want to leave till the last minute as they may book out. A desert table can also look amazing and easy to match to the theme of your shower.

4 weeks before

Flowers – speak with your local florist about what you have in mind, what will be available and place your order

Games – if you are planning on having games start researching these now, you may need to order items or prizes so don’t leave until the last minute, again Pinterest is a great place to start. While some people are not huge fans of baby shower games, they can be a fun way to break the ice.

The week prior

Shop and cook – shop and prepare food that you can in advance

Clean – do a thorough clean in preparation of the day so that you just have to give things a once over before the event.

Gift bags – you have already done the shopping, now its just a matter of putting everything together.

Finalise RSVP’s – follow up anyone you have yet to hear from

Pick up the cake, flowers, other items as needed the day before so you are not running around the day of the shower

Day of the Shower

Last minute Clean

Photographer - take lots of photographs, ask another friend to give you a hand with this, as you will be busy with hosting duties. It’s also a great idea to keep a list of who gave which gift to help writing her thank you cards.

Finally… enjoy the day with your honouree! Help her out wherever possible and make her day super special, remember she may return the favour for you one day or may have already.

Pics are from the Oh It's Perfect baby shower shoot for Rachel Watts. Full list of vendors

Creative Concept, Coordination & Photography: Oh It's Perfect Model: Rachel Watts

Makeup: Stephanie J MUA Hair: Frankie Salon Wardrobe: Beyond Your Wardrobe Venue: Fargo & Co. Linen, Nappy Caddy, Baby Carrier and Babycook Neo and Baby Eating products: Lil' Fraser through Stork Nest, Skip Hop, Baby Tula and Béaba Journal and Milestone Cards: Blossom and Pear Bespoke Baby Jewellery: Smallprint Lactation Cookies: Lactation Cookie Company Nappy Cake: Moomoo Designs Nappy Bag, Backpack and change mat: Oioi Boxed Fresh Flowers: Bloom Blvd Cakes & Donuts: For An Angel Cake Cookies: Petite Cookies Chocolate Pops & Gems: Suck At Parties Cake Toppers: Communicake It Florals: Foxy Evergreen Balloons: Come Fly With Me Cake Stands: Laa Laa Event Hire

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